Friday, August 19, 2011

The Process:

Send an email, telling us basically or exactly what you were thinking of, whether you have it all worked out or have just a vague idea. Explain what room, room size, wall size, feeling of the room, size of desired mural, and send some pictures of or tell us what you’d like. We can Google some images and send them back for idea building. Tell us a bit about yourself, including any mutual friends or associates, along with their contact info, as a reference.

In person, we’ll plan exactly what you want for your home, school, or business. Whether the wall is white or another color prior to my painting on it, I would need some of that paint for touch up's when doing the mural.
I, (Erica Woods) typically use Acrylic paints because it dries quickly.
 Most walls have a satin finish or semi-gloss finish. Used acrylic paint is a flat or non-sheen medium. So, if you wish, I can over spray the mural with a matching satin or semi-gloss clear acrylic spray to maintain the sheen level. Egg-shell sheen walls would not be over sprayed.

The Artists:
Erica M. Woods & Colleen Moorefield are the Artists. We typically work as a team when working Murals. Our style is a little different, but works out perfectly when working together. We constantly share thoughts & opinions about the project while working on it which makes the final product turn out perfect.Depending on the Mural & the situation, we can sometimes work on a project individually.The More part of the business, we often to the projects individually. Partners aren't necessary when doing a canvas or any other project than a large mural.